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[ 22 Mars, 2013 ]
Jozefina Topalli said she had invited the members of OSCE Assembly, Council of Europe and European Parliament for more observers during the coming elections of 23 June.
[ 21 Mars, 2013 ]
Pursuant to her visit in London, the Speaker of the Parliament participated in one of the most important parliamentary sessions, that of questions-answers with the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Mrs. Jozefina Topalli attended from close the proceedings of this session where the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Cameron responded the British MP_s questions on the progress of reforms applied by his government, economic progress and British strategic politics.
[ 28 February, 2013 ]
Power is not taken by violence, the power is gained by vote and the state stands. We trust in vote, we trust in democracy. No one supports violence, never, no one, in any case. There is no reason to support violence. We will never reward, even their children, the sacrifice the two young boys, Besnik Hidri and Lekë Qokaj did with a great heart, with great obligation and responsibility, spirit and sense.
[ 20 February, 2013 ]
Turkish President, Abdullah Gül and the Speaker of the Parliament had a friendly meeting where during the open conversation both personalities expressed the importance of such high level meetings and stated that between the two countries there exist still much potential to be used.
[ 19 February, 2013 ]
Speaker of the Parliament met the Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan. In the meeting it was discussed for a higher level of economic cooperation, project of TAP pipeline and the increase of major investments.
[ 19 February, 2013 ]
Cooperation relations between both countries are based on a wide judicial foundation which includes more than 160 agreements, protocols and signed memorandums and in the meeting it was discussed on an acceleration of the work for the conclusion of procedures on the assignment of round 12 agreements in process.
[ 22 January, 2013 ]
His courage, sacrifice, selflessness and power will inspire the future generations for the fulfillment of their obligations in defense of order and law.
[ 10 December, 2012 ]
The Speaker of the Parliament, Jozefina Çoba Topalli, welcoming Mr Haradinaj, said that today visit is a satisfaction for Albanians and Albanian Parliament and this special session is different, just like the history and life of Mr. Haradinaj.

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