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[ 25 October, 2012 ]
In this 100-anniversary of independence, this feast certainly has a particular joy; a unique, an extraordinary joy. Sacrifice and humanism being at the core of this feast, obviously a special consideration goes to all the Albanians who loved and love this country, those who sacrificed and sacrifice for this country and made possible that their country celebrates the 100-anniversary in freedom.
[ 24 October, 2012 ]
You murdered the Albanian George Washington, the Albanian Madison, the Albanian Benjamin Franklin, the founding fathers of our nation, including their children. Does this happen in any other nation? Can you not ask for forgiveness for killing the patriots who signed the certificate of the Albanian nation who gathered in Vlora from all Albanian territories? Can you not ask for forgiveness after 100 years? What about the laws required for the integration, can you not vote them for the 100th anniversary? Can you not do as much? Because we are Albanians, we are Albanians!”
[ 23 October, 2012 ]
Shocked by the recent criminal barbaric crimes within the family, and revolted from the murder of mothers and young girls, deeply touched for the horrors children have seen and heard, feeling great pain for this extreme violence each of us today is Ajshe, Flutura, Limja, Rolanda, Mira, Manjola, Fatjona, Marjana …
[ 12 October, 2012 ]
The Speaker of the Parliament, Jozefina Topalli received the MP of German Bundestag, Jens Ackerman. The Speaker of the Parliament and the MP Ackerman focused on the news from Brussels for Albania and Albanians, on the status of the candidate country.
[ 12 October, 2012 ]
The Speaker Jozefina Topalli introduced Danish Ambassador to Albania’s developments, the significant progress toward EU: only two days ago Brussels recommended to give the candidate status for Albania; to its economic performance: the extraordinary potentials of the country for the foreign investors; the focus of investments in infrastructure, tourism, agriculture etc.

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